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Black & Broke is Broke.

We just launched a campaign on Indiegogo to help raise money to record our new album (currently untitled). Please donate if you can. If money is as tight for you as it is for us, make sure to share this campaign with everyone you know on facebook, twitter, instagram, etc… We really believe in this project and we hope we can do it the right way. But we can only do that with your help and support!

Thank You

-Black & Broke

While We’ve been out…we released our 4th album Heartbreak Season 2. Free to Download. Link below

Heartbreak Season 2 x Black & Broke

It’s that time of year again! The follow up to 2011’s Heartbreak Season. Instead of working hard to forget about the girls who broke our hearts, we decided a better idea would be to share our stories with the world…to pour our hearts onto the track, and paint vivid pictures of our feelings with the composition. Black & Broke would like to present to you: Heartbreak Season 2

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